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Fundraiser Goal: $1500
Fundraiser Ends: Oct 31, 2022

*Goal is not updated live – it may take a while for your donation to be reflected on the gauge.

We need your help! Between now and October 31st, 2022 we’re working to raise $1500 to help our cause. All monetary donations will be used for our 2022 season.

Your contribution to the Gothic Hills Foundation goes straight to work producing charity events. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit association and your donation is tax deductible. Click here to learn about the Gothic Hills Foundation. Our haunt benefits the Mary S. Roberts Animal Adoption Center and the Feeding America Riverside food bank, as well as furthering our mission.

Why we need help:

Well, like everyone else… Covid-19. We just started our non-profit journey in 2019. We are a very small, struggling charity and the Covid-19 crisis has all but killed our opportunities to reach our communities. We already have great plans to come roaring back in 2022, but we need help to get through until then, when we are finding it more challenging than ever to reach our audience. We are working hard to develop alternatives to our normal operation for this year, so help us reach our goal and ensure next year is even better!

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But How Will My Donation Be Used?

All donations are limited strictly to be used for any production costs, such as building materials, set decoration, equipment and production and logistics expenses.