Frequent Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

For 2020, we are not having a walk through haunted house due to the state of the world. Most of the questions below refer to our normal haunt. We’re very sad not to be able to share the next chapter of the Fitzroy story with you, but hope you enjoy our upgraded YARD DISPLAY. Thank you for visiting! Happy Hallowe’en.

Q: Is this too scary for children?
A: It depends on your child. Some are braver than others. Generally, we are family friendly, but this year there is a quick scary part at the end. Most of the experience consists of decorations and special effects. There are talking and singing pumpkins in our pumpkin patch for the little ones to enjoy.

Q: How long is the haunted house?
A: Depending on the group, tours last approximately 5 minutes

Q: How long is the wait to get in?
A: It depends on the night and time. Usually expect to wait 30 minutes on average nights, to 60+ minutes on busy nights. Remember, this is a mini-haunt, and while the wait can be long for a 5 minute tour, we’re providing free entertainment. Want to avoid the long lines? Come a VIP by donating to one of our fundraisers or become a sponsor.

Q: Are you handing out candy to trick-or-treaters?
A: Only on Hallowe’en night. Parent’s let the kids have the candy please 😛

Q: Are costumes allowed?
A: Yes, however we do impose certain restrictions on nights other than Hallowe’en. These include: No masks, no weapons, and keep it family appropriate. On Hallowe’en, we will make exceptions to the mask rule, and allow obviously fake costumeweapons. We ask our guests to behave respectfully at all times and follow instructions of staff, even if that means removing your super-cool mask.

Q: Can I bring a stoller or wheelchair?
A: Stollers & wheelchairs are allowed in the public areas, but we regret they are not able to go through the haunted house. There are short flights of stairs, soft dirt, and tight hallways and they will not fit. We sincerely apologize for those who use wheelchairs. Our backyard is very small and oddly shaped. We hope to be ADA accessible in the future. The little ones will need to be carried. (It is a short walk.)

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