Volunteer Milestones & Rewards Program

Beginning with the 2020 season of Gothic Hills Cemetery, we’re offering volunteers a milestone program to earn rewards for volunteering with us. Between April, and continuing through November, we’ll keep track of the hours volunteers contribute. For each milestone reached, you’ll be rewarded! (Note, this program is still a work in progress and we’ll finalize the details shortly.)

Level One 10 Hours Your name in the credits of the haunt, as well as credentials that get you & friends VIP access to GHC.
Level Two 20 Hours A limited-edition commemorative GHC t-shirt.
Level Three 40 Hours A Cooling Hydration Set – A custom GHC water bottle and a cooling towel.
Level Four 60 Hours Personal Construction Safety Set – Your own pair of work gloves, safety glasses and a deluxe respirator.
Level Five 100 Hours 1 General Admission ticket to Midsummer Scream, plus the designation of “Senior Volunteer” for GHC.
Level Six 150 Hours Certificate of recognition for being the most loyal of volunteers, presented at a special party thrown for the occasion.
Level Seven 220 Hours A handcrafted golden trophy, made especially for you. Because you’re a winner!


There is approximately a potential of 385 volunteer hours available for the season, based on an average 2 sessions per week.
*Levels and reward details subject to change until April 31st 2020.