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This page includes tools and information for volunteers like sign up sheets, time tracking for rewards, and the reward store. Any questions or concerns, contact Troy.

We recommend bookmarking this link to easily come back here when needed: www.GothicHills.com/Vhub

To contract Troy, text him at (818) 724-4883

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Volunteer Hours Tracking

*Reward Program Terms & Conditions

We are always adapting and adding to the rewards program. We reserve the right to change the rewards at any time, however you will still be rewarded what you were promised at the time of your last milestone. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to clock in and out at each volunteer day. We cannot guarantee we can fix errors in timekeeping, but we reserve the right to correct any timekeeping if found to be inaccurate. If any volunteer abuses the program they may be disqualified. All reward orders will be verified before fulfillment. All rewards are subject to availability and there may be a processing time to produce the reward. MSS stands for Midsummer Scream – a large and spectacular halloween themed convention held each July at the Long Beach Convention Center. Access to passes for level five requires volunteer to work at least one 8 hour shift at our haunt at the convention. MSS passes are subject to availability and we are not affiliated with the event organizers. On a full season at GHC there are approximately 385 volunteer hours available based on an average of 2 days per week. Some seasons may vary in available work time.

Redeem Your Rewards

You can click on one of the links below to redeem your level. (Coming Soon)

Level One – First Day Working: Custom volunteer badge and end of season VIP party invite.

Level Two – 8+ hrs worked: Season pin, name on credits.

Level Three – 12+ hrs worked: Cooling hydration kit: Exclusive GHC metal water bottle, and cooling towel. +4 VIP passes to GHC.

Level Four – 16+ hrs worked: GHC Volunteer T-shirt & personal workshop safety kit, including your own safety glasses, gloves and deluxe respirator.

Level Five – 36+ hrs worked: Limited edition commemorative season t-shirt designed just for this season, plus PRIORITY access to MSS passes*.

Level Six – 56+ hrs worked: Senior Volunteer Badge, 2 free movie tickets*, and a custom GHC hoodie with your name printed on it.

Level Seven – 85+ hrs worked: Custom VIP volunteer trophy, awarded at the awards ceremony, $50 gift card*

Level Eight – 100+ hrs worked: Custom plaque awarded at the awards ceremony, and VIP passes to MSS* the following year.