Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in helping us build the magic!


We're looking for sponsors to help us enrich our community! This year we expect to attract almost 1000 guests to our event and we also expect to welcome thousands of guests at the worlds largest Halloween convention in August. Over the year we'll distribute 5000 postcards to promote our event. In addition to your charitable contribution, sponsors enjoy certain benefits depending on the level of sponsorship chosen, reaching hundreds of people within your community. The levels outlined below are guidelines, but we are very much open to suggestions on how else you can help our cause. The prices below are based on the costs of the items we need.)



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Logo or name at the top of our "friends of GHC" page, and a thank you post on all of our social media.

Logo or name also on any postcards or publications we produce. Also listed on physical "friends of" board at our Halloween haunt .

Special video post about your business on our social media accounts, promotional item handouts at location, and individual sponsor appearance at our Halloween haunt. Only 1 of this level available.



Sponsorships Available

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or have questions, please let us know by emailing , or contacting us via one of the social media links above. Thanks for your support!


Building Materials (Cash or Value)

Materials to build walls and structure. Lumber, plywood, nails and more.

Level 1: $1000

Level 2: $1200

Level 3: $2500


Fog Juice (Cash or Value)

Level 1: $200

Level 2: $300

Level 3: $500


Paint & Supplies (Cash or Value)

Level 1: $200

Level 2: $300

Level 3: $500


Off Season Storage (10'x20' Cash or Value)

Storage facility nearby 91342/Sylmar

Level 1: $2000 (pays for 6 months)

Level 2: $2500 (10 months)

Level 3: $3000 (1 year)


Special Effects (Cash or Value)

Projectors, lighting, robotics, sensors and programming.

Level 1: $500

Level 2: $1000

Level 3: $2000


Transportation (Cash or Value)

Includes transport of equipment and scenery.

Level 1: $250

Level 2: $300

Level 3: $500


Set Dressing & Pieces (Cash or Value)

Procurement of items we cannot make ourselves.

Level 1: $300

Level 2: $500

Level 3: $1000


Volunteer Staff Support (Cash or Value)

Meals, safety, meeting expenses & more.

Level 1: $250

Level 2: $500

Level 3: $750