Covid-19 and 2020

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Hi friends. We hope you are all safe and healthy. We all know that so far, 2020 has been rough, to say the least. We’ve been thinking hard about how we could handle Halloween here at Gothic Hills Cemetery and after much discussion, brainstorming and deliberation, we were preparing a plan to go forward safely with our haunt plans. But, with Covid-19 infections skyrocketing here in California with no signs that it will slow down, we have been forced to come to terms with it being a terrible idea to cram hundreds of people through a small maze-like structure, even with masks and sanitation protocols. We could never live with ourselves if a guest or volunteer got sick from our little home haunt.

HOWEVER, we’re not canceling Halloween at Gothic Hills Cemetery! We’re going to go full throttle upgrading our yard display this summer. We’ve got lots of cool things on the list and we’re going to work hard to make it spectacular so you can still come by and gaze at the ghosts. Also, we’re not going to let this time go by without making sure 2021 is better than ever. We have a huge laundry list of work to do to improve on last year. We’re going to start working on that NOW.

PS: We still need help getting through 2020. If you’re able, donate to our cause.

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